Category: Interactive Stories

Continue Exploring the Facility

You decide to venture further into the facility towards a cafeteria. As you walk, you stumble upon a lab where engineer’s are discussing a new propulsion system. You hide and listen to their conversation, gathering valuable insights. Make Your Choice: A) Discreetly record the conversation for evidence. B) Leave the lab quietly without drawing attention. […]

Take Photos of the Blueprints

With adrenaline pumping, you quickly snap photos of the blueprints and notes. Just as you’re about to leave, an alarm sounds. Security is on its way! Make Your Choice: A) Find a hiding spot within the facility. B) Make a run for the exit. Back to the start of the story

Elon Musk’s Mysterious Mission

You are Alex, a journalist for a renowned space magazine. You’ve just received a tip that Elon Musk is about to make a groundbreaking announcement related to space exploration. You rush to the SpaceX headquarters, hoping to get an exclusive scoop. Make Your Choice: A) Try to sneak into the SpaceX facility to gather information. […]

Sneak into SpaceX

Sneak into SpaceX – Choosing to take the risk, you sneakily make your way into the SpaceX facility. As you navigate through the corridors, you overhear conversations about a new spacecraft design. You manage to find a room with blueprints and notes scattered everywhere. Make Your Choice: A) Quickly take photos of the blueprints and […]