Phillies fans. Welcome to the Adventure!

die-hard Phillies fan

You are a die-hard Phillies fan. The sun is shining, the crowd’s excitement is palpable, and today is the big game! Every game day, you wear your lucky jersey, but there’s something else special about you – you never go anywhere without Wally, your emotional support alligator. Wally, with his green scales and gentle eyes, has been your companion through thick and thin.

As you approach the grand stadium, the scent of popcorn and hotdogs fills the air. Fans are bustling around, but as you get closer to the entrance, you notice the security guards whispering and pointing in your direction. It seems Wally is the center of attention. A stern-faced guard approaches and informs you that Wally can’t enter the stadium.

What will you do?

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